Marking 10 years of our fight
against schistosomiasis

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The people #MakingSchistory: The global fight against schistosomiasis is a newly published report from the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance which shares stories from people across the world who are working tirelessly to consign schistosomiasis to history.



Over the last 30 years the fight against schistosomiasis has gathered pace and intensity. The goal of elimination could not have emerged without the efforts of many partners in health worldwide.

However, a future free from schistosomiasis can only be achieved by the actions and efforts of not one, but many.

Behind the fight to eliminate schistosomiasis is a strong global health community.


  • Disease caused by parasitic worms

  • Associated with poverty & inadequate sanitation

  • More than 200 million people infected worldwide

  • 280,000 people die every year

  • 92% of the estimated cases are found in sub-Saharan Africa

  • More than 100 million children treated thanks to our donation



This year marks an important milestone in the fight against schistosomiasis: 10 years since we joined forces with the World Health Organization (WHO) to fight this devastating neglected tropical disease. Learn more about our commitment to the elimination of schistosomiasis.


Have you seen
the worm?

To mark the milestone moment in the history of schistosomiasis – 10 years of free treatment through the praziquantel donation program – a giant worm was placed on Lake Geneva to create awareness of the disease and why efforts to eliminate it are so important.